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Before the modern era,  the Environment was 'out there'. It was something separate from the day to day lives of human beings.


Over time we have come to see the environment as an interconnected ecosystem where nature and humanity live entirely together.

But the balance is off, and drastic action is needed.

History can't answer the big questions, but it can help give context to the situation we're in now. It can uncover how past societies lived, identify how individuals interacted with the world, and trace the country's journey into the current situation. 

This site is an open way to engage with humanity's jumbled history of nature, urban cities, rural landscapes, ecosystems, natural resources, and living creatures. It will demonstrate how interconnected life is and tell stories through hidden gems around the country.

Hopefully, it will give some insight into the question of why we now find ourselves on a crusade to balance our relationship with the planet, and how best to do this.


Bringing history out of the classroom is one way to start.


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